From the installers point of view ideally the delivery via a hiab or forklift will arrive and discharge adjacent to the install site ready for erection.

Reality is often either a field/fence/tree/narrow gate/no access/low overhead cables/top of hill/middle of woods/middle of stream, all of which we have encountered over the years and of course with torrential rain thrown in for good measure.

None of the above are insurmountable given either a very large budget or a willing involvement by all parties.

We as a company will arrange to have the main delivery to the client made on a hiab (crane) or moffat (forklift) to the nearest accessible point that the lorry can reach to the install site for discharge unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

(Ideally gateways will be a minimum 2.9m and be able to be approached head on and not have any tight turns. Many schools will have a fire track that fire tenders can negotiate which in most instances will work though not all) If there is any doubt then measure all gateways on route and speak to your supplier)

Often the install is across a field or remote from the school and hardstanding to give it a more forest school feel which if in summer and the ground is hard can be driven over. Being in the UK then probably we can assume rain and boggy ground (though this is changing). Of course, at a very high-cost trackway can be laid (that is the money no object option) or if a large distance, then perhaps a tractor and trailer utilised especially if the school has a friendly farmer as a neighbour/parent. We can of course supply the labour to carry at a cost though the most effective is parent volunteers with the odd teacher thrown in 😊 normally a gazebo can be unpacked and transported by hand within a couple of hours or less depending on the size and distance given 4-6 pairs of hands or more! As they say many hands…… and the cost is usually measured in tea and biscuits.