This is the most popular wooden outdoor classroom from our range and always a huge hit with the schools. The 5-metre model is a robust practical unit which can easily seat a full class of primary aged children (28 – 32 in numbers) and has a range of options to allow you to personalise it to create the right environment for your premises.

This sturdy gazebo is designed to withstand the heavy use that can be expected in school grounds.

A wide range of options can be added to this octagonal wooden gazebo to ensure that your school get the facility that they require.


  • 115mm laminated wooden uprights to reduce risk of splits and shakes.
  • Pencil Rounded Edges to “soften corners”,
  • 1m high open balustrade included
  • 420mm wide fixed benches to seven sides – big enough for adults and children
  • Fully watertight roof with manufactures guarantee up to 35 years
  • Attractive Internal ceiling detail
  • Eaves brackets detail
  • Large 350mm overhang to protect from driving rain and drips
  • 10-year guarantee against rot on all wood parts
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Our outdoor wooden classrooms all have the features of our standard gazebo models, but with full weather protection.

It is available with either toughened glass or perspex windows/panels. Ask us to install a lockable door and you have a completely secure outdoor classroom.

Inside, the outdoor wooden classroom has fixed benches so there is plenty of seating room. The large glazed/perspex panels ensure that there is no loss of light inside. We can even provide these vision panels in colourful perspex to brighten everyone’s day.

These can be perfect for use as classrooms for schools or even in parks for extra shelter.


  • Gazebo of your choice
  • Toughened glass or Perspex panels
  • Lockable treated softwood door
  • Infill boarding
  • Interior deck as the finished floor
  • Weather Proof materials are used
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This Square Wooden Outdoor Classroom is designed to fit into any corner making it ideal for schools with limited space. Its 4-metre wide opening ensures there is plenty of entry/exit space. It is suitable as an outdoor classroom, parent waiting for shelter or simply somewhere for playground shade.


  • 4m width/length from post to post
  • 115mm laminated upright posts
  • All timbers pressure impregnated
  • All timbers planed smooth
  • Quality bitumen shingle roofing as standard
  • Posts are pencil rounded to ‘soften’ corners
  • Open Balustrade to three sides
  • Benches to three sides
  • Gallow bracket detail
  • 2-day installation
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The specification of this Wooden Outdoor Classroom is based on the square design. It has the same 115 mm planed and pencil rounded uprights, the same vertical balustrading and wide benching on three sides of the shelter. On the interior, the T&G boarding creates an attractive and watertight inner ceiling. There are large overhangs to prevent drips and driving rain and a heavy-duty bitumen shingle roofing system.

Seating capacity is either 32 or 37 pupils depending on layout.


  • 4m x 6m size (post to post)
  • 115mm laminated upright posts
  • Timbers are planed smooth
  • All timbers pressure impregnated
  • Upright posts are pencil rounded to ‘soften’ corners
  • Quality bitumen shingle roof as standard
  • An open balustrade to any three sides
  • Deep benches to any three sides
  • Gallow Bracket detail
  • 2-day installation (weather permitting)
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