An outdoor wooden classroom can be many things from a basic canopy right through to an enclosed log cabin and anything in between. At what point does it cross the line into a fully-fledged classroom? We believe this is the point where heating and lighting is included though some argue that if the structure is away from the main buildings and in say a woodland setting then that also could be described as such

Here at Cabinco Outdoor buildings ( C.O.B) we supply the whole range though would probably describe our gazebos as outdoor wooden classrooms which are open sided with balustrade though can have provision made to be weather tight with the inclusion of roll down covers or fixed clear panels.

Our focus is schools and to provide shelter not just from the inclement weather though from the sun as well

With the advent of Covid combined with the growing awareness that getting children outdoors these shelters provide the perfect solution. Whether it is to carry out activities as a forest school or gardening club they offer shelter and learning space away from the main classroom environment. With any child this change of location will stimulate the mind and add a little more excitement to the days curriculum and spark an interest in nature

We spend many hours with electronic interfaces, and we are increasingly being told that we need to reduce our screen time so escaping from this can only have beneficial results

Outdoor wooden classrooms provide a quick easy solution to a growing demand for space and often do not need planning consent*

it is important that children are physically active and are playing in their own time, with our range of outdoor wooden classrooms, we offer gazebos that allow children to play within on breaks or lunches, they can be fitted out with seating areas for pupils to spend time communicating and playing with their friends.

How do I inquire about an Outdoor Wooden Classroom for Schools?

At C.O.B, we want to make the process easy for gaining an outdoor wooden classroom. If you use the below form and fill out all the fields, we will then call you to talk in more detail about your requirements and what would work for you. – please look at the link choosing which gazebo is right for you.

It’s good to know if you have any budgets or grants for gaining your outdoor wooden classroom or set timeframes on when you’d like the project to be completed.

Hopefully, today’s post has given you an insight into our Outdoor Wooden Classroom for Schools.

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Thank you for reading.