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At Cabinco Outdoor Buildings we offer a range of Gazebo accessories suitable for your Commercial Gazebos, Home Office UK, Wedding Gazebos & Wooden Outdoor Classrooms.

Take a look below at the Gazebo Accessories we have on offer.

For some of our Gazebo Accessories, they hold a 10-year guarantee. For more information, please get in touch.


Our outdoor wooden classrooms and commercial gazebos can be fitted onto most level surfaces. However, if going onto the grass then eventually the interior of the gazebo will become dusty or muddy as the grass dies off through lack of water and excessive footfall. Therefore, we always recommend you purchase a heavy-duty base frame and gazebo deck when installing onto the grass.

The strong base timbers (45 x 145/70 x 145) are pressure impregnated to guarantee against rot/decay and are topped off with a sturdy 27mm decking board to ensure a long life to your gazebo deck.

Please be aware that the heavy timbers that create the gazebo deck will also create a small step. If installing onto grass, you should also consider if a gazebo ramp will be required.

These gazebo accessories are guaranteed for 10 years.


Cedar Shingles are small tiles of cedar wood which are used as a roofing finish. The cedar is naturally a long-lasting material which requires no maintenance or treatment and has an excellent lifespan.

Timber is a natural, renewable and totally sustainable product so an excellent choice for any roofing material.

Cedar Shingles do not require any maintenance or treatment and will be covered against rot in the same way as all other treated timbers within our gazebo range. They can be applied to any of the gazebos including the popular Octagonal and Square designs.

Apart from the attractive appearance, cedar shingles offer a low maintenance sustainable roofing system. These gazebo accessories carry our full 10-year guarantee, with a substantially longer life expectancy.


Install your commercial gazebo with a sedum roof to enhance biodiversity in your grounds. The specially selected and attractive sedum plants will change colour throughout the year. The flowers will attract insects and birds to feed on them and show pupils how simple sustainable choices encourage wildlife.

A commercial gazebo with a sedum roof will require a water supply when first installed and you must ensure that it doesn’t dry out in any hot weather. Therefore we recommend you consider this before installation.

However, the nature of the slow-growing sedum means that there is little maintenance required for the living roof. So go ahead – select a gazebo with a sedum roof and don’t worry – you won’t need to climb up there with a lawnmower!


Brighten up your commercial gazebo or wooden outdoor classroom with these fun pencil decorations. They can be painted in primary colours as shown here or your school colours if preferred. They are a simple and effective way to enhance your gazebo and make it more fun for primary aged children.

The pencils can be fixed between the balustrade to create an ‘infill’ so that there is additional weather protection within the shelter. If preferred, fixed onto the balustrade itself to ensure teachers have a clear view of the interior of the shelter at all times.

These wooden pencil decorations have no structural purpose on the gazebo, but they are still covered by the 10-year anti-rot guarantee that we offer on all timber parts.


These gazebo tables are ideal for your wooden outdoor classroom. Our sturdy wooden tables are designed to fit inside the Octagonal Gazebo and create their own octagonal shape if 8 are pushed together in the centre of the gazebo.

This enables you to offer the students proper working desks to use during their outdoor lessons. These gazebo tables are designed to ensure that there is space between desks to allow students to enter and leave their workspace.

The sturdy base makes the tables strong enough to withstand the everyday knocks they will get in a busy classroom without toppling over.

Add Gazebo tables to your order to ensure a fully functioning outdoor classroom.


Our Outdoor Classroom Storage unit is designed to offer you the option of ‘in gazebo’ storage and/or additional central seating in one handy unit.

The octagonal shape compliments the Octagonal Gazebo and ensures that there is always plenty of space to move around the unit.

The lid is split into two sections so that it isn’t too heavy and gives easy access to the central storage facility. Our storage unit is 1.2 metres in diameter and set at approximately 0.5 metres in height so there is plenty of space to store wellies, clipboards, jars and magnifying glasses – whatever you need for the next outdoor teaching session.

This handy outdoor classroom storage unit doubles up as a central seating section which can seat up to 8 more pupils. It has a ‘kick board’ around the base and is made from thick pressure treated timbers to match the rest of the gazebo unit.

The same design can be created with slight height variations to become either a sandpit or central table area. Let us know what you need and we will be happy to help.


Every Wooden Outdoor Classroom needs a gazebo chalkboard or blackboard to support learning. It’s an essential teaching resource.

Cabinco Structures use thick marine ply that is approximately 2 metres by 1 metre in size. This is then cut to fit into the half-panel of our 5-metre Octagonal Gazebo. Other gazebo chalkboards and blackboards are made to measure but similar in dimension. This exterior grade quality plywood is coated generously in blackboard paint on both sides. This enables us both from inside and outside the shelter.

Add a gazebo chalkboard or blackboard to your order today – and get that outdoor classroom installed with all the facilities your teacher needs.

You can contact us directly on 01600 719218 to find out more information.


Our heavy-duty base frame and deck create a small step into the commercial gazebo of approximately 6″ in height. We therefore offer a small access ramp to enable easier entry for pushchairs and for general accessibility. This is an optional extra. Alternatively, the gazebo can be installed onto an existing hard surface so that no deck is required.

The access ramp is the full 2-metre width of the Octagonal Gazebo. It is constructed from pressure impregnated timbers to prevent rot.

Cabinco Structures access ramp is designed specifically for our gazebo range. Therefore it is the right height to provide smooth access into the gazebo interior. *

*assuming level ground.


You can ensure that your outdoor teaching facility is a fully weatherproof gazebo by installing these colourful infill panels.

Created using colourful Perspex sections, these panels sit neatly inside the top opening of the gazebo to allow muted light through but completely exclude wind and rain.

Perspex is tough, doesn’t shatter and can be provided clear, or in a range of opaque or translucent colours. Great to block out an unsightly view or simply turn your outdoor classroom into a bright and attractive place to go.

The standard roofing to all our gazebos is fully watertight, so by adding weatherproof gazebo panels such as these you can ensure your gazebo is available for use in lessons all year round. No weather disruption!

There is a wide range of colours including clear and opaque as well as red, orange, pink, yellow, blue and green. So you can create a rainbow of light inside whilst making it a fully weatherproof gazebo. A lockable door will complete the unit.


These heavy duty Waterproof Gazebo Covers are available as individual panels or in packs of 8 to cover the entire shelter. There is a wide range of colours and the option to print a logo or dedication on the base of the panel.

A clear section at the top ensures that light into the outdoor classroom is not reduced – but students are protected from wind and rain. Fixings across the top of the gazebo and down each upright, ensure that the covers do not flap about in the wind, but are secured in place.

When not in use, you can roll them up out of the way or remove entirely until the following winter. Our covers are available for all Cabinco Structures Gazebo designs.

By selecting the waterproof gazebo covers, you can ensure that the planned activities for the outdoor classroom are not interrupted by inclement weather and regardless of rain, wind or even snow, your planned lessons can continue.

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