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Wooden Gazebos are often used on the grounds of hotels, pubs, wedding venues, schools and sports grounds so that they can host events throughout the year.  These could be corporate events, music events, public or private events or even sports events.

Great for spring, summer or autumn events, wooden gazebos provide a great looking shelter to allow the event to continue as planned.

The regular hire of marquees can be expensive, increasing your price to the customer and squeezing your own returns.  A permanent wooden Gazebo can ensure that these factors are always under your own control.

Choosing the right wooden Gazebo can provide you with an opportunity to have a permanent function facility within your grounds and will often be a selling point for event bookings.

Cabinco Outdoor Buildings offer a range of wooden outdoor shelters which are all designed for commercial use and can be used by the leisure and events industry for outdoor bars/serving areas/party rooms/music events/functions.

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Our large wooden gazebo is the Tudor Shelter. This is a substantial wooden structure with exposed feature truss detail and 200 mm thick laminated timber columns. This gazebo is typically supplied in treated softwood. This will have a 10 year guarantee.

The standard design is 4 metres wide by 7.5 metres long but there is no limit to the length the wooden shelter can be supplied at. The width can also be increased, but with some design limitations.

The Tudor Shelter is a very large wooden gazebo, which can be supplied with a range of additional finishes to enable you to select a shelter that will suit your grounds and your budget.

These finishes include balustrade and benching, T&G boarding for increased weather protection and most of the range of accessories you can view here.


  • 4 m x 7.5 m size (post to post)
  • Chunky 180 mm laminated upright posts
  • Pencil rounded post corners for safety
  • Attractive open eaves detail
  • All timbers pressure impregnated
  • High-quality bitumen shingles
  • Optional balustrade
  • Benches to seat up to 40+ people
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This is the most popular wooden commercial gazebo from our range and always a huge hit with commercial estates. The 5-metre model is a robust practical unit which can easily seat up to 28 – 32 people and has a range of options to allow you to personalise it to create the right environment for your premises.

This sturdy gazebo is designed to withstand the heavy use that can be expected on commercial estates.

A wide range of options can be added to this octagonal wooden gazebo to ensure that your property gets the facility that they require.

Our commercial gazebos are suitable for a larger crowd to congregate however, they aren’t COVID safe.


  • 140mm laminated wooden uprights to reduce risk of splits and shakes.
  • Pencil Rounded Edges to “soften corners”,
  • 1m high open balustrade included
  • 420mm wide fixed benches to seven sides – big enough for adults
  • Fully watertight roof with manufactures guarantee up to 35 years
  • Attractive Internal ceiling detail
  • Eaves brackets detail
  • Large 350mm overhang to protect from driving rain and drips
  • 10-year guarantee against rot on all wood parts
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As the trend for outdoor weddings and civil ceremonies increases, a wedding gazebo is a perfect addition to your grounds. Acting as a place for a ceremony or a feature for romantic photographs, your wedding gazebo will surely encourage wedding bookings.

The 5-metre wooden gazebo is installed complete with balustrade, benching and gallow bracket detail so there are plenty of places to hang additional flowers or balloons to dress the wedding gazebo up to match the theme of the day.

Each structure benefits from planed and pencil rounded timbers. These smooth finishes are also far less likely to snag a beautiful dress or veil.

The watertight roof ensures that any outdoor ceremonies planned can go ahead whatever the weather as the inhabitants of the wooden gazebo will not get wet.

Benching around the gazebo offers plenty of place for close family to sit down and enjoy the ceremony. Alternatively, our wedding gazebo can be left open for increased visibility.

These attractive structures can be used for multiple purposes. It can be easily changed to create an outdoor bar for summer parties, or sheltered space for musicians or DJs to perform. When no events are on, it is always a tranquil place to rest for everyday guests.

Create a feature for outdoor weddings with our wooden Wedding Gazebo and you will always have a flexible base for summer parties or corporate events, please get in touch for more information.

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